No Ivy League

An autobiographical comic series published by JMC Aggregate.

No Ivy League follows Hazel, an idealistic but sheltered homeschooled teen, as she embarks on her first summer job, removing ivy from Portland parks. Armed with a positive attitude, she’s sure to make friends and save the world—right?

It turns out this is a messy job. Hazel gets to experience all the embarrassment, harassment, and team sports she thought she’d avoided by skipping high school. Can she bridge the culture gap between herself and the other teens? Will this job burst her bubble of privilege? How far will she go to flirt with her handsome, 32-year-old boss? She’ll definitely get her hands dirty.

Readers will be right there with the protagonist for her rollercoaster of emotions. No Ivy League is a solid first chapter … that allows the artist’s strengths to really shine through. Hazel Newlevant is a cartoonist on the rise who has a deft understanding of how to make a reader care about a character.


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