No Ivy League

Order No Ivy League directly from Hazel, $15 with free shipping in the U.S.!

A graphic novel published by Lion Forge, coming to comics shops 8/21 and bookstores 9/3!

When 17-year-old Hazel takes a summer job clearing ivy from the forest in Portland, Oregon, the only plan is to earn some extra cash to put toward concert tickets. Homeschooled, affluent, and sheltered, Hazel soon finds that working side by side with at-risk teens leaves no room for comforting illusions of equality and understanding. This uncomfortable and compelling memoir is an important story of a teen’s awakening to the racial insularity of the upper class, the power of white privilege, and the hidden history of segregation in Portland.     

The author will be giving a brief presentation on the work and signing books at the following events:

NYC - Bluestockings - August 23, 7:30pm

Los Angeles - Seite Books - September 24, 7pm

San Francisco - Silver Sprocket Bookstore - September 26, 7pm - Joint event with Mary Shyne signing her graphic novel Get Over It

Portland - Powell’s Books (downtown) - September 28, 2pm

In addition, they will be tabling at the Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD, 9/14-9/15) and the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (Cambridge, MA, 10/19-10/20), selling No Ivy League as well as their other books and mini-comics. 

Readers will be right there with the protagonist for her rollercoaster of emotions. No Ivy League is a solid first chapter … that allows the artist’s strengths to really shine through. Hazel Newlevant is a cartoonist on the rise who has a deft understanding of how to make a reader care about a character.


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